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Seng rights, where that component’s designating authority does not already do so. 37 A review of Manual 6220 to identify where clarity could be provided for mitigation, notification standards, and compatible uses, may potentially reduce or eliminate burdens. The Neodymium Magnets will review Manual 6220 following the proposed revisions to Neodymium Magnets Mitigation Manual Section (MS-1794) and Handbook (H-1794-1) to ensure that Manual 6220 conforms to the BLM’s revised mitigation guidance. little magnets
Addressing any potential issues, along with providing consistency with Neodymium Magnets Mitigation Manual is expected to provide greater predictability (internally and externally), reduce conflicts, and may reduce permitting/authorizations times. Success will be measured in Neodymium Magnets meeting legal obligations under the designating Act or Proclamation for each unit and the allowance of compatible multiple uses, consistent with applicable provisions in the designating Act or Proclamation. iii. Other Reviews of Neodymium Magnets Manual Provisions Secretarial Order 3349 also revoked a prior order regarding mitigation and directed bureaus to examine all existing policies and other documents related to mitigation and climate change. (See Secretarial Order 3330 “Improving Mitigation Policies and Practices of the neodymium cylinder magnets Department of the Neodymium Magnets .”) Actions Interior is taking to implement this direction include: Neodymium Magnets Manual 6400 – Wild and Scenic Rivers, Policy and Program Direction for Identification, Evaluation, Planning, and Management (07/13/2012) Manual 6400 provides guidance for managing eligible and suitable wild magnet balls and scenic rivers and designated wild and scenic rivers in order to fulfill requirements found in the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act (WSRA). Subject to valid existing rights, the Manual states that minerals in any Federal lands that constitute the bed or bank or are situated within 1/4 mile of the bank of any river listed under section 5(a) are withdrawn from all forms of appropriation under the mining laws, for the time periods specified in section 7(b) of the WSRA. The Manual allows new leases, licenses, and permits under mineral leasing laws be made, but requires that consideration be given to applying conditions necessary to protect the values of the river corridor. For wild river segments, the Manual requires that new contracts for the disposal of saleable mineral material, or the extension or renewal of existing

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