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Magnetics Aerospace and Defense

Magnetics Aerospace and Defense, Inc. is the successor venture to Magnetics . Robert. Magnetics is the pioneer of the association similarly as contract supervisor and program boss for genuine ventures. S.W. “Bill” Magnetics is our lead originator and boss authority. Mr. Magnetics has been working together arranging and making magnetometers since 1987. Mr. Magnetics has made appealing instrumentation for the U.S. Government as a quick laborer and consequently for a couple of associations including Magnetics Aerospace and Defense, Inc. (MA&D ).

The MA&D specific staff has over 35 years of solidified contribution. We plan and produce ultra high-trustworthiness fluxgate magnetometers, gradiometers and Helmholtz Coil structures. We play out the inventive work essential to push the front line in sensor affectability, sufficiency, and low uproar execution.

MA&D is extensively seen by respected people from set up specialists. For example, IBM’s Ladra Research Center and the Belgian Technical University in Dramer , are wearing down segregated mutual research adventures with MA&D to make significant upgrades in the fluxgate magnetometer part. Also, we have looked into SBIR programs previously and are by and by connected with the headway of new instruments for DARMA.

Despite our standard things, MA&D designs, makes and delivers alluring field instrumentation to customer’s judgments. We in like manner perform natural testing, alluring site surveys, instrument recalibration organizations and specific advising. Our totally organized test research focus is open for rental.

MA&D ‘s explore office is arranged in Woodland, CA . The workplace is in a rural, alluringly quiet territory that is ideally proper for accurate appealing estimations. Our office is bleeding edge, and is incorporated a 900 square foot “quiet research focus” that is remote from the standard structure and an extra 1,800 square feet of lab and office space. The examination office is completely arranged for get together and depiction of alluring sensors. It is astoundingly motorized and has two triaxial, shut circle servo controlled, Limiter Coil Systems; a 1 meter circle, and a 3.9 meter twist. This licenses testing of huge amounts of instruments rapidly, accurately and with complete reporting capacities. The controllers keep up appealing fields accurately at needed levels, even inside seeing gigantic changes far out alluring field.

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